Relief for Silent Reflux Symptoms

You’ve prescribed medication and recommended lifestyle changes and sleeping upright. Still, your patient suffers with severe LPR symptoms, including nighttime regurgitation, throat burn, coughing and hoarseness. Perhaps you’ve even discussed the option of surgery. First, have your patient try the non-invasive Reflux Band.

Reflux Band is a simple, non-prescription medical device designed by a leading gastroenterologist to relieve acid reflux while sleeping. Reflux Band works by applying slight pressure on the UES to prevent reflux from reaching the throat and lungs. It’s comfortable, effective and FDA-cleared. Plus, Reflux Band has none of the side effects of PPI medications.

Most importantly, Reflux Band really works for patients with silent reflux symptoms. Backed by 20 years of clinical research, Reflux Band is a clinically proven option for your LPR patient. We recommend your patients rate their silent reflux symptoms to see if Reflux Band is right for them.

Rate Symptoms

As a practicing otolaryngologist, I was skeptical about Reflux Band at first, but I have reflux laryngitis myself, and I now wear Reflux Band every night. I have recommended this device to hundreds of my patients with excellent results, allowing many to reduce their medications.” — Fred Daniel, MD, FACS

Reflux Band

Consider Reflux Band for Your Patients

Patients who suffer from LPR may want to discuss Reflux Band with you. This device could be the solution to your patients’ acid reflux while sleeping — as it has been for so many other LPR sufferers.