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Reflux Band is as effective as it is simple. No buttons, no switches, no plugs, yet it’s revolutionizing how people treat symptoms of acid reflux.

The Comfort Band secures the Frame to the Clasp with Velcro®. Once you fit the Reflux Band to the correct amount of pressure (see fit video for details), you simply use the Clasp to put the band on and take it off. The Comfort Dial can be used to increase or decrease the pressure of the Cushion for fine-tuning. For more detailed information, download the User Manual by clicking on the button below.

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You won’t have to sleep upright anymore.

Sufferers of acid reflux generally have trouble getting a restful night’s sleep. It may be due to the burning sensation in their throat or lungs, or that they need to sleep sitting upright. Reflux Band can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Slight pressure is all it takes.

Reflux Band is designed to put a small amount of pressure on the upper esophageal sphincter (UES), the ring of muscle that keeps stomach contents from reaching the throat and lungs. That slight pressure is enough to assist the UES to work properly.

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Acid reflux relief, 20 years in the making.

Every once in a while a medical product comes along that changes everything. Reflux Band is one of those products. Instead of the usual incremental improvements on a current product or treatment, Reflux Band was born from an “Aha!” moment.

Dr. Reza Shaker, who specializes in esophageal health, had a very challenging patient. He had tried everything to manage her acid reflux. He finally said, “The only thing left for me to do is to put my hands around your neck and press your esophagus closed. It’s the only way I can stop your reflux.” That was it. He fashioned a prototype of what was to become the Reflux Band and asked the patient to wear it that night. Needless to say, the patient was thrilled with the results. She had actually slept through the night, something she hadn’t done in ages. Research and clinical studies soon followed and the Reflux Band was born: a first-of-its-kind, simple approach that stops acid reflux from passing into your throat and lungs.

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