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Simple Solution for LPR Reflux

Reflux Band was designed by a leading gastroenterologist to help relieve LPR reflux, or reflux into the throat and lungs.

Worn while you sleep, Reflux Band works by applying slight pressure to the throat just below the Adam’s apple. This prevents acid reflux from reaching the throat, lungs and voice box, so you can sleep better.

Reflux Band is simple to use, and there are no buttons, switches or plugs. The Comfort Band holds it in place, and the custom fitting tools help you fine-tune the fit. That’s it!

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Reflux Band is a UES Assist Device

LPR reflux sufferers have a weak or compromised upper esophageal sphincter (UES), meaning it has trouble staying closed and allows acid reflux into the throat. Reflux Band works by applying slight pressure to help the UES function normally.

Reflux Band is worn at night when symptoms of acid reflux can be most severe. How long does acid reflux last? Some nighttime reflux attacks can last hours! With Reflux Band, sleeping through the night becomes possible again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Reflux Band for Everyone?

Reflux Band is a natural remedy for reflux that is FDA-cleared for use. Success may vary for some users. The Reflux Band is designed specifically to help relieve LPR reflux by stopping stomach acid from rising above the UES and into the throat and lungs. GERD is a different type of reflux that is caused by acid reaching into the esophagus alone, resulting in symptoms in the stomach and chest.

Sometimes called “silent reflux,” LPR does not always cause noticeable symptoms like nighttime heartburn. For some sufferers, hoarseness, postnasal drip, chronic cough and even asthma can be indicators of LPR.

Take the RSI test if you suspect you have LPR reflux, and share the results with your doctor.

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Designed by a Leading Gastroenterologist

Sometimes a medical product comes along that changes everything. Reflux Band is one of those products.

Dr. Reza Shaker, who specializes in esophageal health, had a challenging acid reflux patient. They tried everything with little success, until he finally said, “The only thing left for me to do is to put my hands around your neck and press your esophagus closed. It’s the only way I can stop your reflux.”

That was the “Aha!” moment.

Dr. Shaker fashioned a prototype of the Reflux Band and asked the patient to wear it that night. The results were phenomenal. The patient slept through the night, something she hadn’t done in ages.

Research and clinical studies soon followed, and the Reflux Band was born — a first-of-its-kind, simple approach that stops acid reflux from passing into your throat and lungs.

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