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Reflux Band with Fitting Kit


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  • Reflux Band with Standard Comfort Band*
  • External Manometer
  • Pressure Sensor

*Standard Comfort Band is for shirt collar size 13.5-18.5”.
For collar sizes 18-22”, the Long Comfort Band is available for purchase.


Cushion: The Cushion is designed to fit the unique anatomical structure of the cricoid area while delivering consistent, subtle pressure.

Frame: The Frame is lightweight yet strong and flexible to keep the Cushion in place while providing consistent pressure in any sleeping position. The magnet in the Frame attaches to the magnet in the Clasp.

Comfort Dial: The Comfort Dial allows for comfort adjustments without affecting Reflux Band’s performance. A clockwise turn of the dial increases pressure and a counterclockwise turn decreases pressure.

Clasp: The Clasp contains a self-finding magnet that simplifies wearing and removing Reflux Band while ensuring the fitted setting is maintained.

Comfort Band: The Comfort Band is soft, contoured and tailored for comfort. Durable Velcro® tabs enable quick and easy personal fitting.

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Reflux Band Reviews

  1. AshleyBumgarner (verified owner)

    This product has worked so well! I’m so thankful for my recovery from LPR! I battled for two years taking PPI’s without any improvement. With the RefluxBand, I noticed healing within 2 weeks. The fitting kit is a little tricky—you have to hold still and make sure the sensor is evenly aligned. I recommend sitting in front of a mirror. Also, I wish the fabric dye from the band didn’t bleed. The product works great, though, that’s why I’m rating it four stars!

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Accessories and replacement items

Comfort Band - Long


Long Reflux Band Strap. Additional item needed for those with shirt collar size 18-22”.

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Comfort Band Sleeve


Washable sleeve designed to be worn over the comfort band. Protects device from dirt, sweat and odor.

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External Manometer


Used with the Pressure Sensor to fit the Reflux Band for the patient. Designed to indicate applied pressure. Multiuse device.

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Pressure Sensor


Used with the External Manometer to fit the Reflux Band.

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Comfort Band - Standard


Replacement band provides soft comfort and fits easily around the neck. Intended for those with shirt collar size 13.5-18.5"

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Cushion - 3 Pack


Ergonomically designed to fit the unique anatomical structure of the cricoid area while delivering consistent, subtle pressure.

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