Reflux Band Really Works

Doctor-designed Reflux Band is an effective and safe device for relief from nighttime acid reflux. Users with LPR, or acid reflux into the throat and lungs, are often astounded that something so simple can bring relief so quickly and without acid reflux medication.


I thoroughly recommend this band.

I have had several surgeries and endoscopes for my acid reflux. I have been on several meds for this and currently take two different ones twice a day. I was having many nights of sleeping in recliner to ease the acid in my throat. Since having the Reflux Band over a month ago,I have had only one night which was not good. I thoroughly recommend this band for those who suffer from GERD.

Nancy W.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I would like to say that before wearing the Reflux Band, I would have episodes of severe chocking and gasping for air. I could get air out, but I could not take air in during these episode. They would occur several times a month. For years, I would tell various doctors about these episodes but they always chalked them up to “nerves”. After wearing the Reflux Band for a couple of weeks (ordered by my “new” Otolaryngologist) the episodes STOPPED. It was amazing. At one point, I stopped using the Reflux Band for a couple of weeks because of the heat and humidity…….I had an episode. Needless to say, I am wearing it every night. I cannot say thank you enough for creating this fantastic Reflux Band. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Ritamarie F.

The band gives me relief at night.

I have been suffering with acid reflux for a long time. I started using the reflux band about 6 weeks ago and have seen an improvement. Less stuffy, less inflammation in my nose my throat and lungs are less sore, and my ears are less clogged. I am sleeping much better and have come to understand that I have reflux in the daytime too because I wake up feeling good when I use the band, Actually the first time in years I have slept well. The band gives me relief at night. I am starting to watch what I eat to avoid triggers. The band has given me relief that the drugs never have. I highly recommend it.

Peter H.

Excellent results.

As a practicing Otolaryngologist (ENT), I was skeptical about the Reflux Band at first. But I have reflux laryngitis myself, and I now wear the Reflux Band every night. Though I still require reflux medication, my voice remains hoarse unless I wear the device as well. I have recommended this device to hundreds of my patients with excellent results, allowing many to reduce their medications.

Fred Daniel MD FACS - Savannah, GA

I have had good luck with the Reflux Band.

I have had good luck with the Reflux Band, and it has solved one of my problems with GERD. I was waking up nightly choking with bile/acid/ plus a bad taste in my mouth. The Reflux Band has not solved my Gerd problem, but it does prevent the contents of my stomach from reaching my wind pipe and mouth during the night. In that respect, it has helped me a great deal. I had the Fundoplication Surgery at Mayo in 2003 and even though there has be some slippage in the wrap, Mayo is reluctant to redo the procedure at this time, and recommended your product to help alleviate some of the symptoms.

Sam M.

And all previous issues I had are gone.

Have used RefluxBand for 6 weeks and all previous issues I had are gone. Great product. Amazed that more people don’t know about it.

James F.

I finally found relief from my symptoms.

I was diagnosed with Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (LPR) 4 years ago and suffered so badly with reflux that I had to sleep upright for months. Multiple diagnostic tests confirmed that I had a faulty Upper Esophageal Spinchter and that my reflux worsened at bedtime. At the time, the (Reflux) Band was only available to patients through a doctor’s prescription. My doctor, Dr. Gutman, a gastroenterologist who specializes in LPR and is located in Jericho, NY, suggested that I purchase and use the device as he felt It might reduce my reflux at bedtime, but more importantly give me a better night’s sleep. Working as a school-based Speech Language Pathologist, speaking is fundamental to helping my students improve their communication skills. Before I used the (Reflux) Band, I constantly had a dry or irritated throat and never slept. I finally found relief from my symptoms and got much needed sleep when I began wearing the (Reflux) Band. I have been using it now for 4 years and notice a tremendous difference in the quality of my sleep when I wear it. On nights when I don’t wear it, I inevitably wake up and feel discomfort in my throat. I’m a firm believer in the Reflux Band, formerly called the Reza Band, and am so happy that it is made available to the general public. I tell everyone that I know who suffers with reflux about it in hopes that the band will make a difference in their lives too. I have also provided information about the Reflux Band to local gastroenterologists and doctors who have never heard of it.

Marisa D.

Reflux band has been a life saver.

Reflux band has been a life saver for me. Due to a tumor I had to have part of my upper stomach removed. After surgery ,even with my head elevated at night, I would have reflux so bad. It would wake me up in my chest. I would have wheezing and coughing. Since using the band I have not had any episodes. I told my GI physician about the band. He wants to know how it worked at my next visit. He was very interested in it. Thank you so much.

Diane M.

The first time in 20 years that I didn’t wake up coughing.

The first patient to whom I recommended the Reflux Band told me at his next visit, “Doc, despite everything else you suggested to me about controlling my reflux, the first time in 20 years that I didn’t wake up coughing was after the first night I wore the Reflux Band to bed.”

Gary Steven MD, PhD - Greenfield, WI

Product is excellent!

I want to let you know that the Reflux Band product is excellent! This product has helped me so much. I have had sever reflux for many years. The erosion caused by GERD is what led to Esophageal cancer in 2013. In 2016, my Dr. recommended the band. She believed it might be able to relieve the reflux during the night. This was when a prescription was required. I have used the Reflux band every night since. It has been a God send. Seriously. It has helped so much. I wish I had known about this long before.

Please, accept my humble thanks for this product. I cannot, and will not, go anywhere without it!

Michael E.

I would encourage anyone to try it.

I was very skeptical at first but the longer I use it the better it works.

I would encourage anyone to try it, the worst thing that can happen is it’s not right for you.

I had suffered for years before I was finally diagnosed LPR, I thought I just had to live with it.

No longer do I feel that way. You do have to get use to wearing it and how to adjust it but once you get right you will not regret it. I don’t know why this is not part of the ENT prescription for helping their patients! I have not had an episode in over a year. Well worth the money I spent on it.

Vickie A.

You get relief and peace of mind.

I am a retired policeman from Indiana. I have had acid reflux on steroids, for the past few months. I had all the classic symptoms. I would go to bed and in about an hour I would get a bad taste in my mouth. Then it would get hard to swallow, then a scratchy throat, then coughing and a runny nose. I had been online to see what could be done short of surgery. I discovered the Reflux Band. I talked to my family doctor. He was not on board, of course he wanted to send me to another doctor. He did give me his blessing and wanted me to inform him on how it worked.

I have been using it for a while. No acid reflux. Last night I got up in the night, and I have had no acid reflux. That was about 2 AM. I took off the Reflux Band and went back to bed. I woke up at 2:31 AM with the acid reflux symptoms starting. I quickly put the Reflux Band back on, and the symptoms stopped. I went back to sleep. If you have acid reflux you must get a Reflux Band. This really works. You get relief and peace of mind. Thank you Reflux Band.

Randall B.

It really works.

I am an OBGYN and have been wearing the Reflux Band myself for several years. I will refer it to patients because it really works for me. I was going to have surgery at one point until I started wearing it. The meds never worked for me.

Ilene Weizer MD - Pottsville, PA

Stopped taking all meds.

I’m a little concerned about how well this is working! I keep thinking I’m going to wake in the middle of the night with my severe reflux and will have to go back to my meds. It has been several weeks since I started using the Reflux Band and have stopped taking all meds related to this horrible illness which I have suffered with for 40 years. During the day if I start to feel some reflux coming on I take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and use my Band at night.

I was very concerned about the meds I had to take because of the arthritis my hands and back were starting to show signs of and hindering my function of lifting 50 lbs of feed and taking care of all my animals (chickens, horses, dogs and a cat). I’m 70 and do all of this work on my own, so having relief from this problem has greatly improved my productivity. Thanks for a great product and I am spreading the word!

Barbara M.

Improved my symptoms.

The Reflux Band has improved my symptoms to the point that some days I have no symptoms. Once you get over the fact of wearing something around your neck at night you barely notice it and get used to it.

David V.

I love my Reflux Band!

I love my Reflux Band! I was close to having surgery; no more! Now I can sleep through the night. Only a slight cough occasionally instead of having to get out of bed and stand up to breathe. Highly recommended!

Kate L.

Get yours today!

I have EDS type 3 with Dysautonomia of the GI system, having sinus issues for years, due to “silent regurg” without the typical symptoms of GERD. Put this band on and elevated the head of my bed and voilà, bloody nose in the morning is gone! Very good company to work with. Get yours today!

Vicky A.

I would recommend.

I would recommend a Reflux Band for any patient who has silent reflux symptoms at night. I’ve had patients call me the next day after wearing the Reflux Band and say they haven’t had a good night’s sleep like that in months, or even years.

Stacey Silvers MD - New York, NY

The Reflux Band is helping my acid reflux.

I think that the Reflux Band is helping my acid reflux. It took about a week before i noticed any difference. I still have problems, but they seem farther apart than they did, before using the Reflux Band. However, I’m still taking Prilosec.

Marie D.

Relieves my symptoms and helps me sleep better.

I suffer from LPR with symptoms including a chronic sore throat, cough, lump in my throat, and ear pain. I don’t like medications and PPIs give me a stomachache. The Reflux Band relieves my symptoms and helps me sleep better.

Deborah M.

So easy to use.

It was so easy to use, there was nothing to it. I just put it on and went to sleep. There was no discomfort. It didn’t interfere with my sleep. I have had great success with the Reflux Band. Simply put, it worked.

Michael R.

Wouldn’t sleep without it.

I’ve suffered for years with acid reflux attacks that resulted in acid going into and damaging my lungs. I tried changing my diet and using acid reducing medications, but they didn’t work for me. Then I found the Reflux Band. It helps to prevent acid reflux from going into my throat and lungs, which has made a big difference in my life. It took me a couple of days to get used to the Reflux Band, but now I feel safer wearing it and wouldn’t sleep without it.

Kenneth S.

The purchase and fitting were easy.

In February 2017, I developed stomach pains and started losing weight. My doctor referred me for all kinds of medical tests to try to figure out what was causing my symptoms which also included shortness of breath, hoarseness, coughing, and a burning sensation in my chest. Finally, I was told I had reflux and was put on a proton-pump inhibitor and told I’d likely have to take it the rest of my life. I went on a low-acid eating plan and my stomach gradually stopped hurting. The pills and diet did not help my respiratory and throat symptoms, so I started researching on my own.

In November 2017, I found the website for Reflux Band (then called Reza Band) on the Internet. I thought, what do I have to lose, so I got a prescription from my doctor (no longer necessary! Yay!). The purchase and fitting were easy. I started wearing the Band every night. It only took a few nights to get used to it. Within a few weeks, my symptoms started to lesson.

It has now been a year, and I still wear my Reflux Band every night. My symptoms have cleared up completely, I’ve gained my weight back, and I’m off all reflux medication! I completely recommend The Reflux Band as a comfortable treatment for Laryngopharyngeal Reflux without the side-effects of drugs.

Susan B.

So pleased with the results.

The Reflux Band has helped so much. I have had LPR which is a silent reflux that happens at night. I had been seeing an ENT and had a consult with a gastroenterologist. Tried meds and the Gastro told me he thought LPR was something made up just take more meds. I still sleep with my wedge but have cut my meds in half and am able to enjoy some foods that I had cut out completely. I am so pleased with the results of the Reflux Band that I would definitely recommend it. My thoughts were, what have I got to lose!

Jane E.

Worked very well.

I am very happy with the product. Worked very well. I was having terrible sleep apnea (chocking/not breathing), which I finally figured out was acid/gas triggering tightness in my larynx. Your device bought me 3-4 weeks of sleep while I figured out how to correct the problem (after 7-8 years of not realizing this was a GI problem).

Now that I have this straightened out I don’t need the device anymore.

Anyway, your product definitely works and I have recommended it to others.

Jason B.

It changed my life.

From the first night I wore the band, it changed my life. I no longer woke up every night coughing and was finally able to get a restful night sleep for the first time in years. I wouldn’t go without it. I paid $299 for the band at the time and it was worth every penny. I would have spent twice that much knowing how much it helped.

Lori S.

My acid reflux problems have gone away.

When I went to the Reflux Band, I thought, “I hope this is my answer.” Because then I’d have the one-time cost, and I’m done putting money out every month for the pharmacy. So within 30 days, I saw an improvement. Now that I’ve been using it for a year, my acid reflux problems have gone away. I don’t experience the symptoms I was experiencing before. It is a product that I would recommend to other people.

Ted M.

After wearing the Reflux Band […] I wasn’t hoarse anymore.

As a teacher I use my voice every day, I talk all day long, and I found myself really hoarse with my acid reflux because of the sore throat and because of the irritation tied in with the throat. So after wearing the Reflux Band I noticed after several weeks that I wasn’t hoarse anymore and not clearing my throat as much.

Gina R.

The Reflux Band has improved my life.

I tried the Reflux Band and after about two, three weeks I started sleeping better. I wasn’t getting sick anymore, I didn’t have to raise my bed anymore, I was able to eat better or eat more, I was a lot more comfortable. I was sleeping better so I was more awake during the day, I was able to enjoy my family better, so life got a lot better after that. I was able to completely get rid of one of the medications and go down on the other two so I would definitely say the Reflux Band has improved my life.

Shawna D.

A very simple fix.

I don’t know why every physician isn’t recommending the Reflux Band because it is a very simple fix to the problem we reflux sufferers have. The quality of life instantly comes back because you can actually sleep through the night. Is my reflux gone? No, absolutely not, I still have it and I have to be really careful with it. However, I can sleep! It’s such a huge thing! Sleep is so important to how we function and when you are sleep deprived you don’t function optimally. The Reflux Band allows you to do that.

Kathy B.

Give the Reflux Band time to work

Wanted to also say that the Reflux Band worked for me.  🙂   It is important to give the Reflux Band time to work and make sure the pressure is correct.

Fred M.

My Reflux Band actually works

My Reflux Band actually works. I was very afraid to order it at first because of unbelief and scams are so bad these days and you don’t know what or who to trust. I have had no know adverse reactions from using the Reflux Band. The black collar may begin to change the color on the front plastic that was a concern to me, but I called the customer service number and they can give you a free device to aid you with this issue. I told my gastroenterologist about the Reflux Band and he didn’t think much of the idea and he hadn’t heard of it, but he didn’t say anything against me using it either. I told him that it works. Of course he believes in medicines. I am satisfied for now and very pleased that it works. Thanks for reading my review.

Amy M.

It has helped me sleep better

The Reflux band helped me significantly with my LPR and is much better than trying to use an uncomfortable wedge pillow. It has helped me sleep better as well.

Paul C

I wear it faithfully every night.

I have been a customer for over 2 years. When I purchased my first one it was known as REZA BAND. It has done me well during this period with no reflux at night. I started using it after my Lung Transplant and have had very good luck with it. I wear it faithfully every night.
Dennis F


A very good friend told me about the reflux band. I have been having trouble with acid reflux for many years. I was taking a prescription medication and also over the counter to control it as best I could. Many nights it would wake me from a sound sleep. When she told me about her reflux band I was willing to try it. At first I thought it would be uncomfortable feeling like it might be choking me and would take a while to get used to.
I have to say it is nothing like that. I got used to it right away! I have been using it for about six weeks now and I LOVE IT! I have not woken up once since I started using it! It is comfortable to wear and my nights are not interrupted from acid reflux any longer! I have been telling all my friends because I want them to know there is something out there to help them just like my friend told me. I am so grateful for your product! Thank you so much!

Cindy B

Well worth the cost.

I have LPR which has been severe at times, so really horrible.  I have started seeing a doctor. In the meantime, I stared wearing the band Nov 7th. I am not 100% to life before the LPR, but I would say I am 80% there, and have not started any treatment yet with doctor,  so I attribute improvement to the band, and trying to improve diet. On weekends,  if I stay in bed reading, I keep band on until I actually get out of bed. Was well worth the cost.

Suzanne C

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